Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beach Sloth is creating Blogs

                Beach Sloth is a project I created officially on July 27th, 2010. I love blogging about people. There is so much culture to explore and support. Ever since I began Beach Sloth I have not needed a TV for anything. My life has been fulfilled seeing what wonderful pieces of work made it online into my browsers, my emails, my PDFs, my videos, and my music. Honestly thanks to Beach Sloth I have been exposed to more culture than I could ever possibly wrap my arms around. 

                That is why I created a Patreon account. I could use a few sponsors to help me meet my monthly expenses which are pretty small. I live frugally. At this point I do not need much to survive since I have cut down what I consider my needs. What I do know that I need, what I am passionate about, is all the wonderful people I have reviewed on this blog. Countless individuals that I have been fortunate enough to meet have become incredibly close friends, the kinds of friends that I can confide in and treat just like those people I have met in person.

                Financial support for Beach Sloth gives me a reason to spend a greater amount of time on auxiliary aspects of the project. Already I have released an e-book through Amazon, a chapbook I printed myself, an album free for download, an e-book released for free through Peanut Gallery Press (which has been favorably mentioned by Dennis Cooper), and a book through Dig That Book Co. So I try to keep Beach Sloth as active as I possibly can. 

                Everything I create for the blog shall continue to be free. I have great plans for Beach Sloth, including an eventual full-length book, another full-length album offered free of charge, and smaller e-books and chapbooks. People who feel like contributing money to me via Patreon can do so right

                I also understand a lot of my readership cannot afford to support me via Patreon. My presence on Patreon will not change anything about what I can for the blog. All it means is if someone wants to support me financially outside of the usual avenues of:

And – my Paypal account, which has since become an MEME 

             Recently I have also decided to start a Fiverr account which basically expands what I do on a regular basis into new forms. If you are interested in my Fiverr work (want something written, shared, re-tweeted, etc.) you can go:


They can. It is that simple. Nothing else will change. I shall continue Beach Sloth, this passion project of mine, because I think that what I do is rewarding in ways outside of mere monetary concerns. My ultimate goal for Beach Sloth is to have it financially support me and a small group of writers I particularly like (I have people in mind for this). That is far away but with Patreon that can become considerably easier. Thank you for reading this and thank you for coming to my little corner of the universe. 

                Additionally I would like to thank everyone who has been able to support me on Patreon. It means more to me than I can possibly express.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Advertising on Beach Sloth

                Today on this old Blog I have a special announcement: I am offering advertising up to whoever is interested. By no means is this going to dramatically change much of anything. After a few years of pouring my heart and scroll into this fine invention I’m ready to take things to the next level. 

                Advertising is in a few forms. Anybody interested in advertising can feel free to contact me at the following address:


                I use that address exclusively for anything payment or Beach Sloth business related. That address proved to be infinitely helpful whenever I have sold T-shirts or chapbooks. Anybody can buy either of those things from me still. 

                T-shirts, Buttons, Etc. go here.
                Chapbooks go here.
                Patreon (NEW) go here.

                I offer a few things for advertising purposes. As the blog is now an increasingly smaller part of what I do I also offer other places to advertise:

                My Twitter
                My Tumblr

                My advertising efforts have already begun prior to this post. Nobody has noticed yet so I figured now would be a great time to take things to the next level. Whoever is interested in advertising through any of my online platforms can do so. Simply email me, let me know what you need, what sort of prices you would be willing to pay, and what kind of advertising you are hoping to do (music, literature, other products, etc.). 

                Thus far my advertising efforts have been pretty successful since they have reinforced rather than taken away from what I have already done. Beach Sloth is a huge passion project for me. I hope to continue doing exactly what I love doing on all platforms. This project has taken on a life of its own. My initial estimate for the length of Beach Sloth was a year, tops, maybe two years. Now it is close to entering its fourth year, hence my desire to try and make this more sustainable for me. 

                Note that I am going to continue this Blog for the indefinite future. There is no specific end in sight for this site. I want to continue doing this with the least amount of interruption possible. I am infinitely thankful for everything everyone has managed to do for me. I have received great support for this project which is why it has continued this long. 

                Whoever is interested in simply donating me money (through the kindness of their heart) can do so via my PayPal account: I will continue to blog for you. That is a promise.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beach Sloth - It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside it’s what’s on the internet that counts 11.0

                Among the masterpieces of the world Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection is the best. Other forms of art are stupid compared to what Beach Sloth has effortlessly accomplished in his debut poetry publication. Writers yearn to truly navigate the depths of the human soul the way an anonymous dad sloth does with absolute ease. Throughout the collection Beach Sloth goes from hilarious to tragic in mere fractions of an inch. Of course this may be due to the font size but it is a grand testament to Beach Sloth’s powers as a highly blogging entity that his work appears to be perfected within these hallowed pages. 

                Trees give their lives for books but usually those books are not as good as Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection. Few things can be. Beach Sloth has for years, nigh decades, supported people. His credo of “Support Each Other” can be felt throughout the surprising debut poetry collection. At times dark and touching Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection takes a different approach from his actual blogging material. Yes the playfulness is still there. Yet there is specific commentary on some of the people that Beach Sloth truly cares for both people he has encountered and people he grew up with. For limiting the collection to random strangers, while fitting his blog’s aesthetic, is thrown aside for a more personal approach. 

                What is most interesting about Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection is the dearth of sloths. Throughout the collection Beach Sloth fails to mention much in the way of actual sloths. Maybe this is because Beach Sloth feels it is too painful to reflect upon growing up in a human’s world as a mere sloth covered in algae hanging off of trees. Currently few are interested in the secret lives of sloths excluding the valiant efforts of a select few biochemists who realize that sloth algae could provide a plethora of life-extending and life-improving pharmaceuticals. 

                Until such time as scientists are able to cure common ailments using sloth back algae, there is Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection. Sure maybe Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection will be unable to cure the common cold but it can improve the spirit and isn’t that just as good, if not better? There is a lot of harshness in life a lot of people who feel like doing it alone. Life does not need to be that way. People are social creatures and with Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection people will feel closer together. And that is better than any medicine. 

                Go HERE to learn more about the importance of Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection,how to order, and how to have a fun time in general. 

Note for Book Price: While I have a 'pay what you want' feature I would say that the minimum suggested price for the book is $13 US/Canada, $18 International (I figure I am going to be sending a lot of stuff internationally).

Monday, July 6, 2015

Die Dragonetti / manuel arturo abreu / Ben Fama / Bunny Rogers

St. Mark’s Bookshop remains the only bookstore in New York City that’s beatified. Long ago St. Mark’s Bookshop helped restore the sight of a blind fool, one who quoted Goosebumps like it was scripture. Now that person reads real writers, the kinds of writers who will descend upon the sainted bookstore on Tuesday, July 7th at 7:00 pm. The air holds excitement for these intrepid young readers. In fact, many years ago Beach Sloth attended such a reading at St. Mark’s Bookshop and those writers went on to bigger and blogger things. 

Die Dragonetti is an angel boy descended from the heavens to cast hellfire upon the wicked. They are a must-see. Individuals who are wicked ought not cross this angelic entity who will destroy them. Sure, Die Dragonetti could destroy people without hellfire, perhaps with the help of their prose, but it certainly is more enjoyable to watch them cast hellfire, like way more fun. 

manuel arturo abreu does it all and does it well. From all across the Internet they have done considerable work in bringing their writing forward. Their work is incredibly impressive and they have quite the resume. Lots of their books have made their way into the Internet and more importantly into the hearts of Internet residents across the world. 

Ben Fama co-founded Wonder, a specific feeling one gets when in awe of something. No other reader is responsible for the co-founding of an entire feeling. That is the power of Ben Fama. Nobody messes with Ben Fama except that one person who did one time and has since become a duck. Individuals interested in becoming ducks should probably mess with Ben Fama as his ability to transform people into ducks is second to none. In fact, certainly no one else on Earth has this rare duck transforming power. Most went for flying or invisibility. 

Bunny Rogers is a close relative of Mr. Rogers, a former PBS personality. Few know this but Bunny Rogers was a credited producer for the last season of his show. In that season there was an interest given towards that make-believe kingdom with the puppets and such. Bunny Rogers explored the darker impulses of that make-believe kingdom as it made its unsteady progress towards becoming a constitutional monarchy. 

Oh yes all of this shall occur. The night is star-studded though these writers shy away from actually becoming studded. Individuals who can make it should make it. Individuals who cannot make it have an excuse. But missing this reading would be like missing a life-changing event and missing is not recommended. 

Shit And Shine - Everybody’s a Fuckin Expert

Shit And Shine are a thinking man’s band, if a thinking man thought about all the shit they could fuck up. Name the genre and they have done their best to destroy it: they make metal interesting (no mean feat considering the snooze-fest that is roughly 90% of all metal), they have taken apart jazz, they have taken apart noise and put it together into a weird, zombie construction, and most recently they’ve gone to dance. Not that there is anything normal or accessible about their take on dance. Keeping true to their abrasive unnecessarily confrontational tone has helped to guide them through all of these genre. 

Lately have have been quite prolific with their releases. “Everybody’s a Fuckin Expert” sort of veers away from this path. Unlike their jazz release it is not limited, unlike their release this March it is more dance-centric, and this one is coming out on Editions Mego, that keeper of the good taste. Many Editions Mego individuals have gone onto bigger pastures, onto Warp, onto whatever will welcome them. With Shit And Shine their commercial viability is rather limited due to the name, due to the goofy nature of their work (music is supposed to be serious, not have a song named “Ass” where the only word is the word “Ass” repeated). 

They are a unique beast in the musical kingdom. Even their album cover reflects this: they have some dog photoshopped floating in mid-air. What purpose does this cover serve? It serves no purpose and that is what is so refreshing about it. Shit And Shine are the foul-mouthed fuckers trying to bring some enlightenment to the deadest, most brainless of genres. Judging from their most recent excursions, they are doing just fine. Hopefully Shit And Shine’s “Everybody’s a Fuckin Expert” will continue down that path of not giving a fuck. 

My Posey Taste Like by Alexandra Naughton

Alexandra Naughton informs the reader what her posey tastes like. With a plethora of flavors from coca cola to limoncello, Alexandra Naughton is a person of true taste. Nor is her posey the only part of her that tastes like soda. Other, greater sodas like Pepsi and Orange Soda are given valuable shout-outs. Every page holds yet further references to delicious but not nutritious soda. Lots of people find themselves in soda addictions, unable to stop due to the habit-forming qualities of high fructose corn syrup. For those individuals soda tastes of defeat of their willpower, of their inability to stop consuming the sugary beast. 

The ashes of American skies come from the vanity bonfires. Beauty burnt to a crisp under hot suns. Cold air keeps those faces pure hidden away from direct sunlight. Up on a throne the kings and queens of America look out at their small fiefdoms, the landscaped lawns, their neighbors and wonder why they bothered in the first place if everything turns to dust. Everything is put on for the suburbs for that unspoken competition that people engage in with each other. The hopes of one-upping a person is what keeps people living in their suburban wastelands with artificial nature neutered for their children. 

Pools are luxury for the suburbs. During the summer kids go pool hopping to prepare for the teenage ritual of bar hopping. The thing about pools is how extravagant they are, how they reflect upon everything in their perfect chemically balanced kind of way. Similar to the people who live around them the only reason pools are able to survive is because they are given chemicals, chlorine and such to keep them together. Without these elements the pools will fail. Of course nobody remembers their last dip in the pool for the summer but they always remember their first. 

Unfurnished rooms are the first things people see when they finally get around to moving. The raw unblemished slight is a thing of true beauty. Empty sidewalks give off a different vibe, almost creepy like why would anybody occupy their sidewalk. By keeping them free the idea is that the space becomes larger, almost endless in its slight unevenness. Honeys of the world can be uneven, unsteady but with love the people find themselves slowly but surely evened out. They are appreciative of the affection they receive from afar. Love barely speaks of its affection for the world. All it knows is that it is felt and that is enough for it. 

Hype intimidates art and art slinks away. Real art lasts a long time, hype is a thing that is a mere blip on the radar. Alexander Naughton creates real art. 

Nhung Nguyen - Winter’s stories

Delicate and deliberate “Winter’s stories” are fully realized works of art. Ornate piano playing intermingled with the field recordings of the outside world gives the album a surreal sensibility. By letting these elements work together Nhung Nguyen is able to provide insight into the old John Cage quote that “Music is everywhere”. Here Nhung Nguyen lets those outside sounds come into her aural world and add to it, showing that the fragile tones of her piano can help to further emphasize the fleeting nature of reality. 

#1 opens up the album with careful piano work. Beyond the piano the ambient sound weaves its way into the mix. Such random bursts help to counterbalance the remarkably studied piano work. Further away still is #2 where Nhung Nguyen’s piano appears to be floating on into the heavens. Ghostly in tone with #3 Nhung Nguyen explores the icier textures as the sounds simply linger in the quiet air. Various sounds from the real world filter their way into the mix a combination of the industrial and the organic. Glistening #4 is downright beautiful serving as the heart and soul of the album. Much uneasier is #6 whose field recordings threaten to derail the entire procession. By doing this Nhung Nguyen adds a heightened sense of drama for the piece. Ending things on a very eerie note is the long lost David Lynch soundtrack of “Flow” whose sustained tones emphasize the haunting beauty of the album. 

“Winter’s stories” shows off a unique talent one able to balance the real and the surreal. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dag Rosenqvist - The Forest Diaries

The Forest Diaries shows that patience truly is a virtue. With slow moving sound Dag Rosenqvist takes a thoughtful approach to these emotionally moving songs. Dag Rosenqvist somehow creates a sound that combines the new and the old. At times it feels like the music taps into a long-forgotten folklore while giving it a delicate digital sheen. By letting these two impulses work together, of the classical and the manipulated, of the psychedelic and the sincere, The Forest Diaries succeeds in creating tender moments. 

With I Dag Rosenqvist gently guides the listener into the sound. Pauses help to build the tension which is alleviated halfway through the piece. For II Dag Rosenqvist lets the song gradually bloom forth. The fragile tones of III barely register above of a whisper yet there remains a sense of play throughout the piece. A sense of warmth emanates from the happy V serving as the heart and soul of the piece. Crystal clear in tone is the pristine sound of VII whose glistening keys are positively radiant. Everything comes together in VIII, the digital and the real into a sprawling epic sweep of sound. Bringing things to a glorious conclusion is the steady X as it carefully makes its way to a colorful finale. 

Songs build off of each other giving The Forest Diaries a strong cohesive sense of self. Dag Rosenqvist has created a magnificent piece of art with The Forest Diaries. 

The Party House by Olivia Lilley

The Party House celebrates the bacchanal that is the college experience. For millions of people every year they get to have the kind of free-fall rush that is college. What that means is every emotion they will ever experience in their lives will be introduced in college. Before college people have some idea of what the world will offer them. Upon reaching college they find themselves free of any kind of responsibility. While it crushes some people, this freedom, it liberates others. Olivia Lilley essentially re-creates the college experience at its fevered pitch, at its most insane and almost unbelievable. Yet for every college graduate, they have fond memories of maybe not this precise Party House, but a similar house, maybe a “Fuck It” house or similar kind of venerable institution. 

Characters within the Party House live weird strange lives where very little seems logical. People walk around half or fully naked. Individuals have their ultimate expression of themselves, trying to make art, trying to be endlessly weird. Youth seems to suit these characters well as it is impossible to picture these individuals as anything but college students. For only college students could get away with this kind of behavior. Graduation from college makes this kind of behavior frowned upon. College students essentially are given a free pass to do every possible stupid thing they have ever wanted to do in their lives. Olivia Lilley points this complete and utter freedom her characters experience. 

With the huge amount of freedom her characters make ridiculous, insane choices that in any other environment would make no sense whatsoever. Yet the logic that runs college life is far different from what runs life outside of college. Relationships end not due to a incompatibility but to the need to read more books, the need to sleep in bed alone, and other almost minuscule problems that otherwise do not exist in reality. For college suspends reality, letting it go away from a moment. Even within the play a few characters mention this, most prominently Richard who apparently is almost an adult, clinging onto the spirit that the house offers. 

Olivia Lilley takes on the sadness that college provides its students. The amount of rejection and disappointment that occurs in college seems to sting more, since for many it is the first time they have to handle these emotions in an emotionally elevated replica of reality. Many of her characters are hurt throughout the play, rejected, losing, seeing their environment slowly crumble away as the harsh reality starts to come into view, reminding them that this Party House can go on for only so long. In “The Party House” Olivia Lilley vividly captures both the joy and pain of college in equal doses. 

The Furious Seasons - My Love is Strong

My Love is Strong is a sunny rush of sound. “The Furious Seasons” conjure up images of the crystal clean sound of the Fleet Foxes, with polished pitch-perfect vocals and optimistic lyrics. Best taken in as a whole this is an album that deserves to be played alongside friends as the warm spirit that it radiates is infectious. Colorful with its many sounds, The Furious Seasons manage to accomplish a lot through their lush welcoming sound.  

Opening up with “Southern Night” The Furious Seasons recall the sweetness of the Beach Boys. Elements of a southern sound ease their way into the mix. Moving at a breakneck pace the song refuses to stop. Reflective in tone is the country-infused “Understood”. Languidly paced is the hopeful “Summer Rain” whose lyrics have a nice naturalistic hue to them. Playful and jaunty “Full Disclosure” is the kind of song that revels in its absolute honesty. Horns here work wonders fully emphasizing the carefree spirit of the song. Taking on a sound reminiscent of Bob Dylan is the earnest work of “My Love is Strong”. Casual in tone is the light and airy “Want Me Too” that has a slight flirtatious tone to it. The dreamy “Wind Blown” sprawls out and serves as the highlight of the album with the arrangement made just right. Bringing the album to a gracious close is the restrained work of “Soft Landing”. 

Melodically thoughtful this is pop music as it should be: gentle, kind, and memorable.