Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Deep Sht – Weird You 8.1

Lo-fi is often used as an almost cop-out, a way to get out of writing real songs. In fact, some use it as an integral part of the music. Deep Sht uses this method because they don’t have access to any better equipment, but even at this sound quality, it sounds excellent. And thankfully he avoids the overly aggressive tendencies of Times New Viking or Psychedelic Horseshit, which would unnecessary cover up some of the grandeur that’s going on here.

Obviously influenced from the late 80s/early 90s shoegaze/noise bands like My Bloody Valentine or more closely The Jesus and Mary Chain, they play expansive pop music where the vocals are recorded as part of the sound, rather than something to pay attention to. And although they haven’t reached the magic of either of those bands, they show great promise. If you are able to actually sing along with any of this, the more power to you.

Even with 15 minutes, they show a remarkable range for such a new band. Starting out with a bang (and yes, a drum machine is used for all the songs) it rushes headfirst into a defiant, fuck you attitude. After this, we get the darkest moment on the little EP they’ve created for us, where the fuzz guitars really mourn some unstated loss. To balance that out, we are given a super-cheery summery song with the closest to conventional structure on the whole thing, with something vaguely resembling a chorus. “Weird You” gives us the slowest build, and it feels as if the song could’ve been expanded a bit. Then “No Mr Greenspan” soars into the heavens with a persistent, very basic beat. Here, the vocal clicks create tension, though that might be due to a faulty microphone.

This really grew on me in the best way possible. Listening, I’m reminded of my friend’s suggestion that perhaps this decade will embrace the 90s music wholeheartedly, like the last decade embraced the 80s and so forth. If that’s true, then Deep Sht is really ahead of the curve. Already they’ve been able to create some memorable, distorted melodies. All of this, even through the heaviest of fuzz, still shows a real knack for poppy greatness. Perhaps we’ll get a full album out of this guy, who looks like he lurks around pubs and steals unfinished beers off of tables.

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