Monday, June 6, 2011

Emptyset – Demiurge 8.4

                “Demiurge” assaulted me. Physically I could not escape it. It drew me in with a near silent beginning only to bludgeon me with that bass. Honestly the bass in this album is extremely powerful. Listen to it with very good headphones.

                Emptyset’s last album “Emptyset” had more of a ‘house grounding’ than these eleven tracks. That last one still managed to have enough of a beat and tempo to smooth out the harsher edges they explored. Before this they had tried to fully craft welcoming beats to their noisy explorations. 

                Well there is no compromise with this album. I think the best way of describing it would be Pan Sonic meets dubstep. Even that description is limiting. The sound is unbelievably aggressive. Points where things get quiet are the most nerve wrecking. At those times you can virtually feel the menace right before they blast you with a dollop of bass so strong it could be considered noise by many.
                I like the pure physicality of this album. Emptyset really make me feel the music. Often in the album you feel the song before you hear it (certainly that is true with the closer “Void”). Sometimes they don’t even include a beat but let the song build up into an overwhelming bass line (see “Departure”). 

                Similarities to Pan Sonic are a bit unavoidable. This duo (James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas) do have a lot in common with that now defunct duo particularly on “Monad”. I think there’s a bit less emphasis on the high end like what Pan Sonic did. In a way Emptyset strip down the music even further leaving behind the most basic of explorations. 

                You may want to carefully watch the volume controls. Things get very loud suddenly on this album. A better idea might be to just get shocked. That’s what Emptyset would want.

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