Friday, February 10, 2012

The Widest Smiling Faces - Me and My Ribcage 8.4

                The Widest Smiling Faces evolves. ‘Me and My Ribcage’ is an improvement upon their last EP ‘Rituals’. I adored that previous release. ‘Me and My Ribcage’ improves on that through small steps, tiny tweaks which singularly are unnoticed. When each improvement is brought together though the listener gets the sense of a project moving forward, getting more comfortable and changing for the better. 

                I like unusual singers. Aviv Cohn definitely counts as one. On ‘Me and My Ribcage’ he manages to maintain that otherworldly charm. Unlike ‘Rituals’ though he sounds more confident in his abilities and the singing feels warmer, less detached, and a bit more revealing. This move works nicely with the instrumentation itself, which hasn’t changed dramatically from the original EP. Now the songs have a slightly more intimate sound to them. 

                A few songs exemplify this perfectly. ‘The little death’ shows off the changes from the EP. Now the melodies are stronger, better able to ingrain themselves in your mind. Before they weren’t bad, but on this particular song, they are the right mix of smart and catchy. ‘When it rained’ another one of the longer songs has multiple sections, something Aviv didn’t have the time for before on his far shorter EP. In fact, even within the first minute and a half of this track things are arranged neatly. More time means more space to sprawl out, to explore specific themes Aviv hadn’t been able to deal with before. 

                Overall though, the feelings are the same on this album. But the execution is sharper. It is the sound of a young artist improving at his craft. I’m overjoyed that it didn’t even take that long. I’m excited to see where he’ll go next.

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