Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ghost Lake - Late Spring Morning Sunlight EP 8.0

                I like the complete sweetness of Ghost Lake. There’s a sense of childlike wonder in each track. While I go through these tracks over and over again I adore it. I think of a less stuffy version of Four Tet. Each piece discovers new pieces, sounds, and methods. While there is this exploration of new tender sounds it remains firmly pop.

                ‘Late Spring Morning’ gives off a very Four Tet feeling. The hand claps, sweet lyrics, and simple guitars all come together in a giant ‘let’s feel good about ourselves’ moment. It reminds me of biking on a sunny summer day. That’s where the EP title comes from. The title matches up with the emotions. Positivity is all over this EP. It glows with pure joy. Even the saddest songs (like the insanely titled second track) still have a certain hope to them. 

                My favorite track on here is ‘Music’. This reminds me of ‘The Mountain Goats’ for some reason. It is extremely catchy. How the sound builds up with a chorus is particularly wonderful. When it finally reaches the end I wish they would repeat themselves a bit more, to turn it into a mantra. ‘All I care about is music’ should go on for a full minute. There’s so much energy behind it I want to hear this repeated on and on. Or maybe I feel this way because it is true to me. 

                Ghost Lake knows what it’s doing. I can’t wait until late spring. On this EP they capture the hope of early morning.

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