Monday, April 16, 2012

Paco Sala - Ro-me-ro 8.4

                Paco Sala makes sultry, lo-fi lounge music. It’s a strange mix. Before I only had one part of the picture ‘Gifts of the Bloom’. Now that I see the big picture I see a smoky stage of the odd. Leyli’s voice graces several of the tracks on here. On ‘Ro-me-ro’ there’s a distinct sense of longing, of a tragic beauty. A few of these songs have multiple little suites. Paco Sala creates some hybrid Italo-Disco chillwave album. In other words, it is exactly what I’ve always wanted. Maria Minerva deals with this sound a little bit, though on here it is perhaps a little less lo-fi than that. 

                ‘Dumb Truths’ the opener, reminds me of one of those ‘relax’ songs I used to hear in the early 90s, after the party had died down and everyone wanted to mellow out. It’s a slow, beautiful track. ‘Blank Legend’ barely feels like it’s there, stumbling over itself, unsure of where it is going, where those beats are supposed to go. For me, the best part of the album is the dead center. ‘Spiral’ starts out with an eighties vibe, the sort of thing I could see as the soundtrack to ‘Sex, Lies, and Videotape’. The next song ‘Tre’s Future First’ appears to continue the same level of wistfulness. 

                This is a great release. I remember listening to the small preceding EP and thinking ‘Hope there’s more to this’. With this release, I now know the motivation behind Paco Sala. Paco Sala manages to create a wonderfully contemplative mood on here.

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