Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Bring Me The Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn 8.6

                Kyle Bobby Dunn is an expert with focus. ‘Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn’ remains incredibly focused for its two hour duration. This is the most focused Kyle’s been with his work. What makes it even more incredible is this unified feeling continues onward for two hours. A handful of people even bother making large statements like this but Kyle remains committed to that wonderful notion known as patience. 

                It gets hard to pick out favorites in such a strong sea of sound. The album immerses you in its gentle sonic environment. Shorter tracks feel a tad more emotional than the longer ones. Perhaps they serve as interludes of sorts. ‘Ending of all odds’ feels particularly gorgeous. ‘Diamond Cove (And Its Children Were Watching)’ has a weird, child-like sense of hope to it, like wrapping blankets around yourself, trying to keep warm. 

                Longer tracks make up the majority of the time. Some of these appear to be nearly hopeful (in spite of the gruesome album title). ‘The Hungover’ rises up slowly much like its namesake. On this track Kyle slowly draws out the evolution. It’s one of the nicest things on the whole album, the way Kyle can simply extend it into a seemingly giant sound. My favorite piece however is ‘La Chanson de Beurrage’ for its colorful, rich ending. 

                This is the kind of music that pulls you in. Each time I’ve listened to this I’ve originally thought ‘Oh, only a track or two is fine’. Yet I end up listening to the whole thing. You can’t take these songs out of context. They work together, reinforcing the general feeling of ease. When everything quickly moves around me I’m happy to have something working against that drive to ‘speed things up’. Kyle Bobby Dunn continues his gradual drift towards sonic perfection.

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