Monday, May 7, 2012

Shit and Shine – Jream Baby Jream 8.5

                Shit and Shine are known for their brutal attacks on the senses. Yep, there’s plenty of noise. Dollops of it are thrown on top of each other. ‘Jream Baby Jream’ is a bit of a more, dare I say it, conventional approach to what they usually do. Keep in mind this is in comparison with their nauseatingly loud discography, not in comparison with other actual bands. In fact what differentiates this from most of their output are the many stylistic detours they follow down on these 7 tracks (I call it six; the 30 second intro doesn’t count for me). 

                 ‘Dinner with my Girlfriend’ pursues their interest in lumbering, crushing dubstep. In many ways it feels like a logical progression from their ‘Bass Puppy’ EP from 2010. The air siren-like guitars that soar above the horrible, near-broken beat, is quite excellent. There are many weird, virtually pointless samples woven into these songs. What’s shocking though is the title track ‘Jream Baby Jream’. Is this the dream of Shit and Shine? It is downright tender, oddly sweet. Usually their music comes nowhere near this level of gentleness. Even the muttered nonsense that counts as singing is touching. I’m happy to see they’ve been willing to go outside of their comfort zone on this track. The results are worth the detour from their usual genre of distorted, shrill feedback. 

‘Woodpecker’ confirms they still bring the noise. Oh man, it is even more of an assault after such a mellow track. ‘Rodeo Girls’ shows they still possess their sarcastic sense of humor. A dumb as hell disco beat leads guitars increasing and decreasing in volume. It reminds me of a giant sonic funhouse. Even the little pauses they take are absurd. What’s amazing is no matter how loud or disjointed the piece gets this idiotic beat keeps on coming through.

                I am a bit surprised by the direction they take. This makes me happy. I like the fact that Shit and Shine can vary their methods. Shit and Shine makes the some of the loudest, most acid-damaged music I can possibly imagine.

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