Sunday, June 17, 2012

Souvenir Driver - Jeanne Moreau E.P 8.0

                Souvenir Driver embraces the sixties pretty hard in ‘Jeanne Moreau’. The spaced-out vibe lasts the entire duration of the disc. Now it’s a proper band with a number of benefits. Drums are looser. Guitars have their volume turned up. Vocals remain as far away as they’ve ever been. Previously Souvenir Driver existed as a dream-pop band. Jeanne Moreau shows they can continue to mellow out, but there’s more edge on this little EP. 

                The songs morph into each other. One leads after the other. Souvenir Driver dives into it instantly. Garage rock is a good way of describing songs like ‘Omen’. ‘Omen’ is one of the lazier tracks on here. Volume is low, the vibe is subdued. More than any other track, this offers a bridge from Souvenir Driver’s old sound into a more energetic form. ‘Slide’ is a riot. It is infectious. A groove glides it along as it increases in volume. Tension is here. It explodes from time to time. My favorite piece is the title track, ‘Jeanne Moreau’ which gives off a distinct ‘The Sea and Cake’ vibe. Here the feeling is rather blurred. What I enjoy is how much patience they employ for this piece. It remains quiet; it grows on you, before shifting gears late in the song. ‘Mountain’ which originally appeared on their album ‘Joy’ gets a re-work on here, moving into a happy, carefree summer jam reminiscent of ‘The Jacuzzi Boys’. 

                ‘Jeanne Moreau’ explores a few new styles on here. Yes there is the indebtedness to sixties rock, but they also do a good job of gaining inspiration from some of the mellower Thrill Jockey artists. Overall this is a step towards a more active future.

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