Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moritz von Oswald Trio – Fetch 8.7

                Moritz von Oswald embraces the dance music all members know so well. Why did they wait until their third album to do this, who knows? All I can say is after the warm up of their first album, their explorations of the second album (which was considerably less rhythmic than this one) they have mastered their art on this third album. It literally is the sum of the two last albums: not as sprawling as their second album but considerably more confident than the first at a breezy 50 minutes. 

                They’ve learned from their previous outings. On the epic 17 minute opener they come close to the low-slung reggae/techno hybrid Moritz has dedicated his life to, right down to the amazing groove around the 12 minute mark. ‘Dark’ is a Rhythm & Sound song played by a full band. It is spacious, showing they’ve learned something from their sprawling previous album. The track shuffles by at tortoise-like pace. For the second half of the album the trio becomes considerably more dance-friendly. ‘Club’ is ridiculous in the many noises they throw in the groove’s way, trying to obstruct it. Some of these little flourishes are nearly comical in nature. It is a lot of fun. For the closer ‘Yangissa’ they sound great. I really enjoy the texture of the groove. You can almost feel it. 

                Really dig this album a lot. Now they have mastered their art between outright experimentation and endless grooving. It is a strange album for sure but it is remarkable how they meld the organic and electronic into such an effortless whole.

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