Thursday, September 13, 2012

La Gran Perdida de Energia - La Gran Perdida de Energia 8.3

                La Gran Perdida de Energia is Post-Rock by the beach. This is such a casual take on what can be a rigid genre. Post-Rock sounds tortured most of the time by musicians suffering some unknowable pains (hence all the Post-Rock instrumental bands). Or the reverse is grandiose inspirational music a la Explosions in the Sky. Rather than follow these established templates La Gran Perdida de Energia takes a fun approach. This is rarely heard relaxed Post-Rock of Tristeza stock, of The Sea and Cake casual coolness. 

                ‘DO!’ is where their personality begins to shine. Here their playfulness takes over showing off their style. ‘Bajo el Manzano’ may be their best song on the entire album. At nine minutes they sprawl out hitting every potential perfect sound. The tones are elegant. What is so remarkable is how clear their vision is in this song. As they explore they dive deeper and deeper into their own take on an often rigid genre. Moments of this song are pure bliss. Sonic Youth would be proud to call ‘Asia’ one of their own. Parts of this song achieve that combination of heartfelt warmth and hipness that Sonic Youth has been trying for lately. By the end they transform the piece into one of the lightest pieces I have heard for a while. This is not a crescendo but rather the best way a song can float away. ‘Diente de León’ ends it, alternating between indie rock, elements of surf rock, and post-rock. 

                Everything here shows off the talents of a band unconcerned with much of anything. It sounds completely free and happy. Let it lift you up.

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