Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Treehouse Noises by Neon Glittery

                Neon Glittery is the ‘ark’ of Arkansas. Watch her as she brings countless readers to a new world, a place of bright shiny colors, playfulness, and sheer joy. ‘Treehouse Noises’ explores the little covered phenomena of Treehouse mating rituals. Somehow Neon has stumbled upon this closely-guarded secret of the treehouse world. As her chapbook will explain it in greater detail let me briefly summarize how a treehouse is born. 

Many think an irate dad makes a treehouse. Let me set the record straight as a fellow dad. No dad has ever made a single treehouse. Rather a different approach is taken. Piles of wood are placed in between two pre-existing treehouses. One waits for a while as the two treehouses get to know each other in the Biblical sense. After about a week of courtship the treehouses feel a tremendous sense of care for each other. They are ready to copulate. Make sure the porch light is off, treehouses need their privacy. Wake up the next morning and there’s a treehouse. Bring the newly formed treehouse up to the tree for your kids. Pretend you did work for several hours and get the rest of the day off from parental duties. This is the dad life. 

Is this limited? You better believe it is limited. 10 copies remain of this magical piece of wonderment. Neon gets into her arts-ass studio and brings together everything. Silk, platinum, exotic spices, toothpicks, clothing lines, yarn; teddy bear souls are some of the magical ingredients. Thanks to the power of her extreme vision art is formed. As many of these have already been ordered (it is a run of 25) please move quickly on this, do not sloth around. Rarely does Neon Glittery make many forays into the virtual world anymore. Lately she’s been living this strange IRL. Real life is silly. Wonder why Neon Glittery chooses a life of sunlight and flowers when she could be on the internet. 

                Really excited about this chapbook, artifact, whatever one can call it. Words escape it. Neon Glittery remains one of the singularly strangest, most other-worldly elements of the alt lit universe. Alt lit has a sun but Neon is far away from that, on a planet inhabited by art-school bunny rabbits bred with adorable puppies. Yeah her work is danged adorable, life-affirming stuff. Appearances from Neon Glittery online are about as rare and as cherished as Halley’s Comet burning through the universe. For Neon Glittery sees the world in beautiful shades of color, through words re-arranged and changed for aesthetic purposes. Check out Treehouses to see this rare vision utilized in full.

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