Saturday, November 17, 2012

Irata – Vultures 6.6

                Irata ‘Vultures’ descends. Pieces tear themselves apart. Every song is filled with a large amount of aggression either realized or not. What makes Irata interesting is the restraint it can show. Transitions in the EP take a while sometimes. When Irata teases out these bursts of energy it can become quite a bit of fun. An ability to stay low until after the kill means the title of ‘Vultures’ is appropriate.

                ‘Old Smoker’ displays this principle quite well. Here the percussion is built up slowly. A large amount of repetition allows the song to become hypnotic. With each additional element (guitar, drum) on top of the snaking bass the full effect is overwhelming. Little stops here and there confirm this level of tension. Even the vocals add to this tense atmosphere. Yet only about halfway does the song let a bit more energy out and it is only for an instant. ‘Keepers Maker’ is the complete opposite allowing for non-stop energy. ‘Deluge’ balances the two impulses. The particular highlight is ‘Miser’ whose slow tempo works wonders. Plodding along at a slow-neck pace it has a perfect blend of maniac-depressiveness. Both emotions are in full force on this track. At the end of the EP comes ‘Serpent’ whose sound blends perfectly with the vocals. 

                Balance is important for this EP. Everything is together. Generally the slow plodding is perfect. By waiting Irata is able to achieve something much more interesting than a full-blown, non-stop blast.

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