Sunday, December 9, 2012

Erik Stinson – Do You Log in Here Often?

                Erik Stinson is a bitch-ass motherfucker doing bitch-ass motherfucker type things. He seems nice. Behind his sunglasses rests the soul of a bitch-ass motherfucker also known as a ‘Brooklyn resident’. He’s in some cute looking little hovel of a room. A money sign introduces him playing with the perception of what is means to be a ‘player’. Does this indicate that indeed Erik Stinson is a player of the highest online writer caliber? Judging by the fact that he lives somewhere, appears vaguely well-groomed, and has a calm voice the answer might be ‘yes’. Adam Humphreys, that mischievous scamp, currently seems to think so. Indeed the trailer shows Erik off in a sympathetic light. 

                The beginning introduces Erik Stinson as someone who might be in love. Various descriptions are given of his love. Smoke comes out of his mouth. This is known as ‘love smoke’. Dragons of the middle ages suffered from the ‘love smoke’ dilemma. Obviously Erik is turned on by the sheer thought of love. He’s literally burning up inside. Only one thing can cool down his hot and bothered self: a walk through the park on a crisp autumn day. 

                Leaves shower Erik Stinson. This is the autumn equivalent of ‘making it rain’ only the trees are making it rain with their dead body parts. It is hot. Erik explains the joy of love. Here he says it can be exciting or something. Love is taking over Erik’s life. From here Erik moves onto his other, earlier love: his love of publishing stuff on the internet. 

                Internet writing is a huge part of Erik’s livelihood. Professionalism in writing annoys him. With the power of the internet he can write whatever he wants. Nobody is stopping him. Publishing on the internet is avoiding the traditional first steps. Here he mentions his writing is for young people. Young people are generally on the internet all the time. Accomplishing something is huge for the young people. Making art, having friends, this is the most important thing one can do with life. 

‘Do You Log in Here Often’ is the name of his fifth book. It is going to be his best book yet? Judging by the flames that engulf him at the end of the video the answer is yes. To judge by his slight removal of his sunglasses he’s coyly flirting with the viewer. He wants to know if anyone logs in here often. What answer someone gives will determine his fate.