Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beach Sloth - Beards are the welcome mats of the face

                Beach Sloth is proud to introduce the first of hopefully many Beach Sloth albums. Few have ever seen the deep inner slow beauty that sloths see every moment. Time is meant to be slowed down. Many slow time down during bad moments. What is more important is to slow down the good moments and let the moments seemingly last forever. Love is a good way of slowing time down getting bathed in beautiful happy light. 

                With “Beards are the welcome mats of the face” Beach Sloth slows time down to a slothy pace. Music likes going fast. Slowing down time with music allows for details to become more readily apparent. Patience is necessary to take some types of music seriously. Instant gratification should never be a thing with music. Rather good music should grow on people revealing new wonderful features with each additional listen. Obscuring the origins of a song is equally important. History does not take to music too kindly. Innovators of sound get overlooked. 

                There are no proclamations of anything new happening on Beach Sloth’s debut album. Any listener might want to keep patience as a trusty ally over the course of the album: every track is over ten minutes long. Now that is sloth style. If a sloth sees a song less than ten minutes long that sloth will laugh. Sloth laughs are wonderful things to behold, like sloth hugs and sloth love. Yet still it is more important to get a more deeply affecting emotion out of the deeply affectionate sloth species. 

                Anyone can check out the debut Beach Sloth album by clicking right here. It is free for download. Reviews are welcome. Honestly Beach Sloth has reviewed so many albums that it is weirdly to invite criticism for the works. Beach Sloth has no idea what sort of criticism will come from this ploy. Perhaps Beach Sloth will become a famous drone musician akin to Stars of the Lid or William Basinski and begin living the soup out of the can lifestyle (which is strangely a more luxurious lifestyle than the one Beach Sloth currently has). Drone music superstars live comfortable lives of relative obscurity. Beach Sloth would be lucky to get attention for the album. Any interest in a wider album release (like with a net label or actual IRL label would be greatly appreciated). Email: with any inquires. 

                Before any interest develops there is the concern about the music reviews. Reviewing music is an art form. To help future reviewers in reviewing this album below are some adjective suggestions to use in any review of this album:

1.       Brainfuck
2.       Lascivious
3.       Slothcore
4.       Mock Rock
5.       Death-defying orgiastic
6.       Blogcore


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