Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scott McClanahan: Now on Wikipedia!

                Scott McClanahan is the dad of Alt Lit. Part of that is in a literal, he is an actual dad sense, and the other half comes from his sheer perseverance. Out of Scott McClanahan’s mind has come some of the best books that Alt Lit or modern literature in general. Thanks to Scott McClanahan’s valiant as fuck efforts, he has become a truly celebrated authored with good reason. People across the relevant blog-o-sphere enjoy his work. What’s more, Scott McClanahan’s readings match the intensity of his prose. For the few fortunate enough to witness his work firsthand his reading style verges on the spiritual. Audience members who have seen Scott McClanahan read in person comment on his effective, persuasive style. 

                Many more books are due to come out of Scott McClanahan’s mind. Until then though there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to the affable chap. Wikipedia knows how important Scott McClanahan is to the greater online literary movement. To date few have written about West Virginia with the degree of clarity that Scott McClanahan brings to the table. Indeed the table is set with Scott McClanahan’s books. Other books are mere appetizers to the hefty full-bodied hickory smoke flavor of Scott McClanahan’s work.  Bloggers have covered him extensively, real big blogs like The New York Times who really digs his work and offered up the highest praise to his work. 

                No Wikipedia page can ever capture the enrapturing spirit of Scott McClanahan in person. Beach Sloth met Scott McClanahan once. They talked about dad things, Arby’s, Members Only Jackets, and of course their children. Parents love talking about their children. During the conversation Beach Sloth thanked Scott McClanahan for purchasing way over-sized Beach Sloth T-shirts. Apparently the biggest sizes of the Beach Sloth T-shirt double as Muumuus. To date Beach Sloth does not own any of his own T-shirts via the poverty-stricken lifestyle. Instead Beach Sloth spends money on food, water, shelter, and the basics. 

                Scott McClanahan pretty much rocks the online and offline lifestyle. Few can translate themselves into both media forms. Many find themselves having to pick between the two. Both are fine places to reside. Dads have a hard time being on the Internet. Some parents like Beach Sloth choose to put their children online in a failed attempt to keep track of them. Unfortunately Beach Sloth’s children are mostly terrible at social media though they are learning. Thankfully Scott McClanahan rules at all of the above: great writer, great father, and great friend. Beach Sloth is proud to have met Scott McClanahan, is happy that Scott McClanahan rocks the online life, and hopes to meet him again sometime soon.

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